Travelling solo can be daunting, but with the right approach it could be the best thing you ever do.

Feeling alone

You might worry about being on your own, but going solo can open up a world of friendships. You’re more likely to strike up conversations with other travellers and engage more with local people and cultures.

Staying safe

Be safety-conscious but don’t let it get in the way of enjoying yourself. Make sure someone at home knows your itinerary. Trust your instincts, and never be afraid to say no if a situation doesn’t feel right. Travel with a group of fellow solo travellers.

Protecting your valuables

Keep your passport with you (and a copy somewhere safe), only take out with you the cash you need, and only carry the valuables you absolutely have to. Money belts are indispensable!

Staying healthy

Check which vaccinations you need for your destination, and when you need to get them. Get travel insurance with good health cover, and carry a first aid kit, antiseptic wipes and hand sanitiser with you. Remember to stay hydrated and to get enough sleep.


In 2017:

  • 12 percent of people holidayed alone
  • 81 percent of over 65s said they travelled alone for the opportunity to be able to do what they want.*


We asked travellers what they love about travelling alone:

Mel: “Having the freedom to go where I like, when I like.”

Kerry: “I learnt how to trust people and how wonderful humans really are.”

Bunty: “I’m always safety-conscious but you have to relax a little or you can never enjoy the moment.”

*ABTA’s Holiday Habits report 2017: