Why travel solo? Going away alone may have its challenges but there is also plenty to recommend it.

Firstly, you’ll have more independence. Travelling without a partner or companion allows you to plan your trip how and when you want; explore your interests without interruption from someone else; be flexible about your itinerary and do things to suit your budget and tastes.

No wonder then that recent research shows one in four people chose to travel solo on their last holiday, with almost a quarter of them exploring alone for their entire trip and more than 80 percent planning to make another solo trip within a year.

Visiting new places, either completely alone or with a group of people you didn’t previously know, can be liberating and exhilarating, and offer a welcome fresh perspective. Without the immediate security of a partner or close travelling companion, you’re far more likely to meet new people, create exciting opportunities for yourself and embrace the sense of adventure inherent in any new experience.

Even the more testing moments whilst travelling solo can quickly become building blocks for inner growth, helping you develop problem-solving abilities and resilience. You’re likely to get to know yourself better, becoming more at ease with time alone and perhaps even understanding more fully who you really are without the usual comforts and distractions. Travelling solo also leaves more time open for solitary pursuits like reading, sketching or writing, and enhanced peace and quiet is widely agreed to help regenerate tired brain cells and ultimately enhance creativity.